Salesboard Changelog


Here you can read about the changelog done in different versions of Salesboard.

Version 1.1 (2018-06-19)

  • Wish – Management view – new features added for management users, they can now add and view different users to see the full pipe for groups.
  • Bug – Fixed an issue where the saleheading could cover the sale amount
  • Issue – Changed the icon for money to “$” instead of Euro “€”
  • Issue – Person is now shown in alphabetical order in the lists instead of SuperOffice id.
  • Wish – Datefilters – it is now possible to filter the salesboard on dates, different predefined like quarters, current month, next year, but also possible to customize.
  • Wish – Improved Screen resolution and a more slim design on smaller screens
  • Issue –  SOLD and LOST sales didnt set the saledate to current date according to SuperOffice standard.