Visualize and work with the entire sales process

Do you experience problems getting an overview of you sales pipeline? Do you think a long list of things doesn't really do you any good? Good, then this tool will save your day.

The aim for this tool is to give users full control over their sales.

Salesboard is a visual board for SuperOffice that will give you all of your sales in a "kanban" board style.
See your pipeline, watch opportunities advance through your sales workflow, and instantly view sales projections at every stage.

  • Get a total overview of your opportunities on a graphical planning board (kanban style).
  • All your opportunities are grouped by different sale types (processes) and stages.
  • Full overview of the total amount for your sales funnel, but also for the different stages.
  • Move opportunities through your sales workflow by dragging and dropping, also quickly edit and update opportunities.
  • Quick add new sales.
  • Open the sales by using dynamic links that open them directly in SuperOffice.

Salesboard requires a Sales or Complete user plan in SuperOffice!Please click on Get Started and login to SuperOffice to us activate your own copy of Salesboard for SuperOffice


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