Gain total overview of sales opportunities on a digital board in SuperOffice

No contract and no obligations. 

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  • 14 days free trial – No contract and no obligations. 
  • When your trial period is over your Salesboard will inactivate unless you start a paid subscription. 
  • The app is automatically added to SuperOffice
  • Next time you log in to SuperOffice CRM Online, the Salesboard navigator button and web panels will be available and ready to use
  • This Salesboard app is priced at €5 per user per month
  • Management view is an add-on and costs another €4 per user per month
  • Payment is made by invoice, with a 12-month subscription in advance
  • You agree to our general privacy terms on this page: i-Centrum Privacy
  • Active subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online
  • This app requires the SuperOffice CRM user to have access to the Sales screen in SuperOffice (sales or complete user plan) 
  • i-Centrum will store information about your SuperOffice online account to be able to send an invoice.
  •  We will store the SuperOffice user_id for each user that uses the app.